Masculine & Feminine Energy: Are You Doing or Being?

When I finally learned what energy I was carrying and displaying in my relationships, I could then understand why they were failing.

In the past two decades, it is evident that social influence has transmuted the role of leadership, typically a role for men, and planted itself firmly in women.  Today, more CEOs and governmental leaders are women than at any other time in history.  This is a significant accomplishment and soon we may have the opportunity to witness our first Woman President…I’m hopeful.

It is no coincidence that with this change comes a parallel impact in relationships.  The divorce rate is now well over 50%.  Reasons vary and the statistics can be found somewhere else on this World Wide Web, this blog will stick to the subject at hand:  Masculine and feminine energy and the difference between the two and how they influence your relationship and the outcome of it.

Masculine energy is that of  the “DOER”…it gets things done…it fixes things…it is the action-oriented, thinking, decision-making energy.

Feminine energy is that of “BEING” – this energy is about feeling and just being.  That’s easy, yet, most women have a strong masculine energy…always doing, thinking, deciding and planning.  That is okay, if it compliments your man’s feminine energy.  We (women) have to decide what energy we carry when it comes to our relationships.

Let me make something clear here.  Masculine or Feminine can be carried by either a man or a woman.  It’s the energy that dictates the roles within the relationship.  When you understand and know your role, you must stick to it.

I will elaborate a little on the energies to help you understand their characteristics and you can decide which one you are, or which one you are more of in your relationship.  This helped me to understand a gamut of problems I was experiencing in my previous relationships.  In my relationship now, I choose to be the Feminine energy, even though I am a strong masculine energy – always doing, thinking, deciding, and nurturing.  Yes, nurturing is a masculine energy.  It is confused as a feminine energy because of what women are inclined to believe they’re role is about nurturing. Women have a tendency to want to give and nurture – and believe me ladies, this confuses the hell out men when you do the giving.  They don’t know how to quite process it – now, this is given they have a strong masculine energy.  I learned the hard way and got my feelings hurt.  When I stop being the “giver” in the relationship, I started getting what I wanted; him giving more.

The challenge comes when a woman, who say, is an executive in her company comes home to her husband or man who works in an equal positions and they are both in that “DOER” mode.  The competition begins…and, the tension between them begin.  Masculine energy needs to feel that Feminine counter-energy to be balanced.  Identify whether or not you are the Yin or the Yang.

So, the challenge is leaving the need to lead at the office, ladies, and “being” the soft feminine energy that your man craves.  You don’t have to make the decisions at home, because he’s got it handled.  Show trust in his ability to handle things, plan dates, lead the relationship.  All he needs to “DO” is what he does best as a man, lead.  Leave the need to control him or the situation at the office, or out in the world.  In your relationship with him, you want to express your needs and wants from a place of vulnerability, not dictatorship.  Trust me, he will shut down and disappear quicker than Whoodini when you start demanding him to meet your needs.

Add this knowledge to the tips I shared in the Rubber-Man posts and you are on your way to seeing a real difference.

A Woman Like Me…understands that my feminine energy is what my man craves and if I don’t give it to him, he will get from somewhere else…and, believe me, my Feminine Siren is blaring in my relationship and he loves it!

Keep him home, ladies…turn on your inner-siren, if you choose the feminine energy.  If you choose the masculine energy, don’t expect him to be more of  a man.  You can’t have it both ways.




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